Married to Tech
Married to Tech


Presented by Tech-Led Culture “Married to Tech” is the only cross-podcaster show to combine the hosts of 3 other shows: Tracy Bannon of “Real Technologists” Podcast and OpsMagician husband Bob; Dana and Bryan Finster the DevOps Thinkers Couples Goals from “Minimum CD”; and Duena Blomstrom and Dave Ballantyne of the “People AND Tech” Podcast in an hour of (often unintended) comedy, industry knowledge and comment, that’s part informal chat between friends part formal dinner party and professional chat where ideas, laughs, frustrations and moments of “wow” are passed, drinks are drank and, we all find ourselves happily married to Tech.

Here are some of our stories and opinions, come join us if you too are part of a tech couple.

We’re all technologists at heart and human debt fighters and our passion never “stays in the office” so come listen to us “socialising” about #technology #DevOps #Agile #DevSec #CICD #EngineeringPerformance #Humans #Culture and much more!

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